OmniBusBox - Ballard 第一代以太网接口航电系统开发平台

        The OmniBusBox™ enables computers and networks to interface with multiple avionics databuses via Ethernet or USB. Applications for the OmniBusBox include simulation, monitoring, and testing of avionics equipment and systems. The OmniBusBox may be configured as a local peripheral to a computer, as a remote data server in a network, or as a stand-alone unit. The OmniBusBox is a member of Ballard’s OmniBus® product line, a family of avionics databus interfaces that takes flexibility and power to a new level. With the demand for products with high channel counts and multi-protocol capability comes the need for more processing power, not only for handling the protocol but also for running the user’s application. The OmniBus family has addressed these requirements through modularity and by adding multiple processors.
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  • 技术规格
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  • 非常适于替代接口卡
  • 单或多协议(混合和匹配)
  • 多种 I / O 配置选择

- 最多4 路MIL-STD-1553 通道

- 最多32 路ARINC429 通道

- 其它

  • 通过USB 或以太网控制
  • 内置以太网交换机
  • 抽取式Compact Flash 插槽
  • AC 电源(可选28 VDC)
  • 机架安装或桌面


  • OmniBus Modules: 2
  • Processor: IBM PowerPC®
  • Memory: 64MB SDRAM, 4MB Flash
  • CompactFlash slot: Type I/II
  • Real Time Clock
  • Power: 100-250 VAC (28 VDC optional)



  • Ethernet: 10/100 auto-speed sensing
  • RS-232 ports: 2
  • DIO: 2 inputs, 2 outputs plus
    • 3 inputs, 3 outputs per module
  • IRIG A/B input and output



  • Size: 1.7 (1U) x 12 x 9.6 in (44 x 305 x 244 mm)
  • Weight:3.5 lb (1.6 kg)
  • Mounting: table-top, bolt-down, or rack mount

For full specifications, refer to product datasheets under the "Downloads" tab.

The order number for an Omni-Bus product is a combination of the board part number and module part number(s). For example, a 162-xxx-xxx is an OmniBusBox with two protocol modules (xxx =module P/N).

P/N   Description
162   two-core OmniBusBox


  • 162-xxx-xxx          
  • CS-162-xxx-xxx          
  • CP-162-xxx-xxx          
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